Period 7

07/07/2012 at 12:07 AM (Dates)

What are your first impressions of Viera High School? Please respond in 2 – 5 complete sentences using standard English. Proofread your response as it will be shared in class. This assignment is due Wednesday, August 23rd, at 8:45 A.M. (for 25 points). Late work is not accepted. (Posts will not appear automatically as they must be checked first.  Please wait a few hours to see if your response was posted.)  🙂



  1. Amy said,

    My first impression when coming to Viera was it being this huge school that I would never find my way around. Now that we are almost a week in, I am finding my classes quite easily and have made a few new friends. So far, my time at VHS has been pretty nice and I look forward to what the next four years have in store.

  2. Nyah said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was at registration. During registration I was amazed at how large high school actually is. I was nervous that I wouldn’t make it to my classes on time or I would get lost but so far I haven’t. During the past 5 days, I’ve become more comfortable with this different environment of seeing so many students at one time. I hope to have a great year at Viera and to have fun attending different events,

  3. Reese said,

    Based of my first impressions I love how the school allows you to be more responsible with more freedoms. Instead of treating you like kids they treat you like a young adult who semi – knows how the world works and are willing to trust that you can be trusted to be given responsibilities while gaining more freedoms.

  4. Natalie Dunn said,

    Viera High School, in my professional opinion, is a four star school. I enjoy the vast array of extracurricular activities and clubs. The extracurricular activities are spaced out equally (for me anyways) enabling me to get a good balance of work and fun during my school day. The teachers all seem to be qualified people that enjoy their jobs. I do, however, believe that everything can be approved no matter how good it is. VHS’s only obvious flaw is that their needs to be an officer directing traffic at the exits to the high school to help people get out of the parking lot without stress. I have not yet begun driving, but I can feel the stress radiating from my mother when in the parking lot. VHS does seem to be amazing academically, though.

  5. Michael said,

    I originally thought that the school would be impossible to navigate but within a day I learned all my classes with ease.The teachers are superb. And all the extracurricular groups make you feel at home right away.

  6. Parker DuVall said,

    Originally I thought that I would be the only person that didn’t know where everything was and that I would get lost. Then I saw how big the freshman class is and it was all better. Overall i really enjoy the school, all of my teachers are super nice and my schedule lines up nicely with a few friends so that is always a nice thing.

  7. Genevieve said,

    My first impression of Viera Highschool was during the cheer clinics before tryouts. I didn’t see many freshman so it was scary but everyone was super nice. When seeing the junior varsity and varsity group I realized how many people went to the school. That was probably the thing that worried me the most. Everything turned out fine after realizing I had lunch with friends though.

  8. Mason Harris said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was: “Wow, how am I gonna navigate the entirety of the school?” But after looking over the schedule a few times, I was easily able to get to all of my classes on time. All of my teachers are very nice and humorous! I even got to see some friends from Viera Charter School!

  9. Alec McDaniel said,

    The first two or three days of school I hated. Only three of my friends from middle school were at Viera and I didn’t have classes with any of them. I was put on synth in marching band and given three days to learn everything. I didn’t even want to play synth. The projects in art where too rudimentary and creativity wasn’t possible. Eventually I switched a couple classes and met a few new people and I can honestly say I believe I will enjoy my time at Viera.

  10. Simon Griffin said,

    My first impressions of Viera High School are it is a very clean school. There is no trash laying around. Viera High School is also quite large. I feel that the staircases should have two separate sections. It would be more efficient to have one area for up and one area for down. Overall, Viera High School is a very nice school and I think I will enjoy my time there.

  11. James Condy said,

    My first impression of Viera High school is that there are many nice kids and there are many not so nice ones. Luckily most of my classes have the nice kids in them. What I have found is that the nice kids are the upperclassmen that I have in my half my classes. All the teachers are nice and I think I will have a great year.

  12. Ben said,

    My first impressions of Viera High are that the school is very large compared to my prior school, Edgewood. Also, the parking lot of all the golf carts amazed me. I’ve lived in Viera all my life, but have never once passed Viera high during school hours, so I’ve never experienced how many there actually were. Since there has only been one week of school, I cannot say much about my teachers, except they are very nice! Overall, Viera seems like it will be a fun time.

  13. Madison west said,

    My first impression of Viera is that it was a huge school. On the first day I was quite overwhelmed with how many people there were and I was stressed out trying to find where my classes were. Once I figured out my schedule and my classes everything went pretty smooth, all my teachers are nice and I have met a lot of new people already. I can already tell this school year is going to be a good one.

  14. Brianna Loughran said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that it was very big. I thought that I would never be able to find my way around. I also realized that the teaching styles here are much different than those of my middle school. We are treated more like adults and given less slack on subjects like late work. The dress code along with other rules is much more relaxed here as well.

  15. Elena Fentress said,

    Between cross country practice every morning to band camp for nine-hour days, I have pretty much been at Viera High all summer. My first impression was that everyone was very welcoming. This gave me an opportunity to meet new people before the school year started, but I was still slightly overwhelmed on the first day of school. I was very pleased with my teachers, but I was also a little diappointed that I only had few classes with people I knew, bacause many of my classes have older kids in them. Now that we are a week in, I feel a lot more comfortable with Viera High School and I’m excited for the rest of my years here!

  16. Jesalyn Stilla said,

    The very first thing that came to mind when i was searchind around Viera on registration day for the first time, was “Wow, I am totally going to get lost.”
    It was like transitioning from a small apartment to a full on mansion. However, to my surprise, I really didn’t get lost at all on the first day, as i have been BLESSED with a schedule that shares all my classes in the same building. Transitioning into the social aspect, Before I started school, I had dance choreography in the gym in late July, and I met some girls attending Viera. My first impression was that a small handful of the upperclassmen were a tad intimidating, but for the most part, everyone was nice. Along with this, all of my teachers seem generally happy to be teaching here at Viera High school, but also are big fans of homework. Overall, Viera high school seems so much better than middle and elementary school, as we as students are still taken care of, but we aren’t watched and treated like preschoolers anymore.

  17. Jinna MacDonald said,

    Walking through the door on my first day at Viera High, the first thing I noticed was all of these groups of friends, chatting amongst themselves and texting on their phones. I started to realize exactly how large this new environment was and how small I am. It made me extremely nervous, especially since I couldn’t find anyone I knew. This spawned hundreds of questions- will I have any friends here? Will I like my teachers? Is this what I’ve been looking forward to my whole life? However, as I made my way into my first class, I found many friendly faces, including a couple people I knew as well as my teacher. As the day went on, I started to relax. I discovered how nice my teachers are, and how friendly the people are (after I started talking to them). It suddenly made all my fears about high school disappear.

    I am very excited about my future at Viera High, and am confident that it will be better and brighter than my middle school experience.

  18. Eliana Razzino said,

    My first impression of Viera High School is it was much larger than my middle school, DeLaura. On the first day, I noticed that we had more freedoms than we all did at our middle schools such as, the use of our phones in the halls and at lunch. Also, I knew high school would be a new stage in my life and it would open up many opportunities for me. Nonetheless, I’m curious about what my future holds at Viera and further in my life.

  19. Gwen Doyle said,

    Getting out of the bus on the first and walking into Viera High School I realized how many kids there were, some I may become friends with some I will never learn the names of. There are all sorts of friend groups and clicks, much more people than I experienced at DeLaura Middle School. In this school you have more freedom that test how responsible you will be, pushing our boundaries that we are not use to will allow us to grow, that is something I really enjoy at this school. When the bell rung my stomach dropped and I started worrying, worrying about if I friends in my classes or if I will like my teachers. I had the same worries every freshmen had on the first day of high school. Going through the first day was long periods of rules that the class has and the school has, but I liked all my teachers and I wasn’t scared that I am was not going to do well. Although, the first day was a drag it really opened me up to a whole new experience, an experience I think I will really enjoy. I am excited to see where high school will take me, but I am positive I will like it here!

  20. Jay Goffigan said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that it was big. I had never been to a school where there were so many people. I knew that it would be interesting to meet so many more people with so many different personalities. I’m still not used to walking around such a large campus!

  21. Jack Privitera said,

    My first impression of Viera High School is the teachers. When i first got to school , I was expecting strict teachers that made class very boring. After my first day I realized that all my teachers were very helpful and cared about helping us succeed in that class. I am hoping that this is a very enjoyable school year and has great memories.

  22. Jordan Raver said,

    My first impression of Viera High was that it was huge. Alot bigger than middle and elementary school. I was expecting to get lost but after my first day I got around the campus well, met alot of new people and the teachers were very helpful. We have alot more freedom than we did. I’m excited to be spending the next 4 years of school at Viera High.

  23. sam karman said,

    My first impression when coming to Viera on registration day was just how large the campus is. Initially I thought that it would be hard to find my classes although now there is no problem at all. When I walked out of my first period class on the first day of school I was overwhelmed by how crowded it gets going to my next class. Unlike middle school teachers treat us like young adults expecting us to be responsible for our work and our behavior. A reason why I like the teachers is because they trust us to follow the rules. I am very excited for the next four years and I hope it turns out to be as good as it started off.

  24. Hailey said,

    My first opinion when coming to Viera High School is that it is a very large school, with hundreds more kids compared to my previous schools. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to find all my classes because of how big it was. Viera is a great school so far. The dress code is very laid back, giving us students more freedom. All the staff is very kind, and I am looking forward to the next four years.

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