Period 6

07/07/2012 at 11:57 PM (Dates)

What are your first impressions of Viera High School? Please respond in 2 – 5 complete sentences using standard English. Proofread your response as it will be shared in class. This assignment is due Wednesday, August 23rd, at 8:45 A.M. (for 25 points). Late work is not accepted. (Posts will not appear automatically as they must be checked first.  Please wait a few hours to see if your response was posted.)  🙂



  1. Joslin said,

    My first impression when coming to Viera was that I’d be going to a larger school with my old and new friends. After attending the classes for a few days I’ve learned about the many clubs and activities that are available. There are many different groups at Viera that are willing to accept anyone and everyone who’s willing to try new things and learn.

  2. Maddie Calvert said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that there are a lot of people. On the first day of school I recognized so many people from my preschool, elementary school, and after school activities. I have been able to reconnect and catch up with many of them.

  3. Danielle Desir said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was the large campus and seeing how many buildings were present on campus, I kept thinking to myself that I was going to get lost. I was a little overwhelmed on the first day of school and at registration. Although I was overwhelmed I maintained my positive attitude for the school year.
    When I walked onto campus at Viera High I was surprised about how many people attended the school. Everywhere I looked there were many crowds of people. I was also excited to meet my teachers and experience how it really was like in high school, and I am still learning today.

  4. Ashley Armitage said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that it is so much better and more clean than my middle school. Also, since the campus at Viera is larger than my middle school campus, I was worried that I would get lost on the first day. However, I was able to easily find all my classes on the first day.

  5. Jordan said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that I would meet a lot of new people because everybody comes from different middle schools. My brother has been attending Viera for 2 years now and I knew a little bit about the school already so there wasn’t that much of a surprise. I stressed about making it to class on time because the walk from class to class is longer than middle school, but 5 minutes in definitely enough time. Overall, Viera is a very nice school and I look forward to 4 years here!

  6. Lauren Lewis said,

    The first impression I had when I came to Viera High School was how big the school was. I didn’t think I would have enough time to get to my classes but by the first day of school, I realized there’s plenty of time. I also thought I would make a lot of new friends because none of the people from my middle school went here, and so far I have.

  7. Bria Ryan said,

    My first thoughts about attending Viera High were, “Oh my goodness I’m going to be so lost ” and “I’m going to have so much homework!”. After attending Viera for a week, I’ve realized it really isn’t as big as I had originally thought. I feel comfortable getting to and from all my classes, and have yet to actually get lost. I was right about the homework thought however. Even with all the work, I’m really excited to be attending such an exciting school and can’t wait to see how this year goes.

  8. Braeden Needham said,

    My impression of Viera High School is there are many good teachers and nice kids. Another thing about Viera is the school is huge and there are tons of people there. The last thing i would like to say about it is that i love they’re phone and lunch policies.

  9. peter pappademetriou said,

    I was already familiar with the Viera High school because i had to be there for football during the summer. My impression on the first day of school was the amount of kids that were there, it was extremely crowded. Other than that everything else was pretty normal, I was able to find my classes relatively easily and I found a table with my friends at lunch. Overall it was a nice experience but it wasn’t anything that I didn’t expect.

  10. Logan Hoppe said,

    I think that it is going to be a great four years at Viera. All the administrators and teachers seem very chill. I love playing football and everyone on the team too.

  11. Zachary Lannon said,

    My first thoughts when stepping on the Viera campus were how big the school was and how many people were actually there. There were so many people I have already met, and so many more to meet. when going from my first class to my second class I didn’t expect to make it on time, but once I was there, I realized how much time I actually have. This is a great step up from elementary and middle school, and I hope to have a great four years at Viera high school.

  12. Caleb Martin said,

    My first impression of Viera High School is that it is much larger than middle school. It has about five times the size of a student body than DeLaura. My first days have been very successful. All my teachers are encouraging and helpful. I have enjoyed swimming so far and look forward to playing soccer this fall.

  13. Catie Boritzki said,

    My first imression of Viera High was that it was huge and scary and full of so many people. I thought I wouldn’t know anyone in my classes and that my teachers would be different. I was wrong. I have a friend in every class and my teachers are different but not in a scary way. They are all nice and fun and encouraging and i couldn’t have asked for better. This is going to be A fantastic school year.

  14. Sean Ladd said,

    My first impression at Viera High School was that it was huge. After a few days I found all of my classes and I thought it wouldn’t be to bad. I also want to enjoy all of the sports and clubs that are offered.

  15. Colin Avento said,

    My first impression at Viera High School was that I’d be losing most of my old friends and maybe gaining some new ones. The school could be a bit confusing being that there are two building named “building 4”, so getting lost I thought would be common, at least on the first few days. The teachers seem to be nice, at least… so far. In the general sense, this school year should be a breeze (Famous last words) and I look forward to the rest of the year.

  16. Shylah Barton said,

    My first impressions of VHS were friendly, as everyone was open and accepting. All my teachers are super nice and help me with whatever problems I have without questioning. I haven’t felt at all like I didn’t belong, rather that I’ve been accepted into a huge family.

  17. Jack Breitfeller said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that it was very different from my previous schools. I’ve never had so many classes in different rooms! Once I learned my way around though it became very easy. I have so far enjoyed my Viera experience. I also hope to get involved in other sports activities that regard the schools. I look forward to the rest of my year.

  18. Mia Platzer said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that there were so many people. I saw so many people that I know from either elementary school or through social media. Some people that I like, and some that I don’t. I also thought that the teachers were very nice and interesting. One thing I found surprising was that it is way easier to find your way around the campus then I thought.

  19. Mackenzie Downie said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that everyone is accepting of each other. Everywhere I went I was able to meet new people. No matter what grade you are in the people you started to interact with showed interest in who you were and not who you appeared to be. I was puzzled by this concept of social groups because at my middle school there was a lot of bullying. I was the president of the anti-bullying club at my middle school and struggled to create a safe and inclusive environment for all students and teachers. By the end of the year everyone started to step up and chose kindness. Now seeing what a positive difference in interaction there can be I was glad to have the opportunity to apply for Viera’s Anti-bullying Club. Joining this club means a lot to me because it really touches home for all aspects of a school community and how they can come together to create safety and involvement. Studies have shown that if a bullying rate at a school is slim to none, more students become involved on campus which creates school spirit. I can’t wait for the many more years to come at Viera and all the new friends that I will make along the way.

  20. Taylor said,

    My first impression of Viera High was that I was going to get completely lost. It was so different than my old school. I had previously heard that students from Viera Charter (the school I went to for fifth through eighth grade) weren’t as prepared as kids from other schools and that they were struggling. This made me even more nervous. So far, these first days of school haven’t been as hard as I had feared. Although, I know it won’t be this easy for long. I’m really excited for cheer and lacrosse and other activities that I might discover.

  21. Erin said,

    My first impression of Viera High was that it was a big campus with many different kinds of students. It seemed like there were immediate clicks upon my arrival to this campus. However, I quickly realized that the students were eager to meet others, and often ventured outside their set friend groups. I also was told that some of the teachers are not the best, which I discovered to be false. Viera to me now seems like a place to be embraced rather than a place to avoid. It is filled with many opportunities and I cannot wait to spend my next four years if learning here.

  22. John Anasa said,

    After considering my first two weeks at Viera High, I can say that I love the school. There are so many students, and sometimes you feel like an ant in a colony, but you get used to it. Also I enjoy all of my teachers, however my least favorite class is AP Human Geography. This is because it is very hard and I am one of the only freshman in my class. But as the year goes on and I get to play soccer and join various clubs, I think my experience will be even better.

  23. Michael Clark said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that it is a lot like middle school. The only difference is that it has much more students and the students are more behaved. One thing I enjoy about Viera High School is that all the students are very nice. Another thing that I enjoy is that I get to make new friends and keep the old friends. One thing that is helpful at Viera High School is that it is easy to get around. I remember when I began middle school it took me a week to know where I was going, here it just took me a day. At last I enjoy that there are more options for lunch than in my previous schools and I could always be satisfied with what I ate.

  24. Hunter Levi said,

    My first impressions of Viera High was that the school was massive. This really set in during my fifth period class when i ended up spending thirty minutes in the wrong class. It was an interesting first day, and a start to freshman year i definitely wont forget.

  25. Angelina Rodriguez said,

    Once my sleep patterns got back on track the mornings were much easier to navigate. It was a little difficult getting to my classes on such a sizable campus during the allocated time. The large amount of students and the fast pace of the halls took some time to adjust to. All my classes take a lot of work but I am starting to get used to the routine. Band includes a lot of practice, but as it is fun the extra work is worth it.

  26. Adrienne Denton said,

    After starting my first class I could already tell that my experience at this school would be very different from the previous schools I had gone to. Of course it was intimidating at first, it had new people and various hallways for me to get lost in. But having friends to help me get through this drastic change really makes a difference. I find most of my classes interesting right now and I actually really like all of my teachers.

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