Period 5

08/11/2013 at 3:43 AM (Dates)

What are your first impressions of Viera High School? Please respond in 2 – 5 complete sentences using standard English. Proofread your response as it will be shared in class. This assignment is due Wednesday, August 23rd, at 8:45 A.M. (for 25 points). Late work is not accepted. (Posts will not appear automatically as they must be checked first.  Please wait a few hours to see if your response was posted.)  🙂



  1. Esther Francom said,

    One of my first impressions of Viera High School is that the students here are immensely more mature than middle school students. All of the students that I have interacted with are very polite and agreeable. I am also impressed with how friendly and helpful the staff is here. I am excited for a great year at Viera High School!
    Esther Francom

  2. Landon Schreck said,

    During my first day at Viera High School my first impressions were less of what I was expecting, I arrived with the stand point of more strict teachers and staff, but learnt that my high school experience wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought. Things, such as rules however where more or less the same on what I planned before my arrival, such as less of an excuse for late assignments. Overall my first days at Viera where not as bad as I though it to be and now am one-hundred and one percent sure I will have an enjoyable experience!!!

    -Landon Schreck

  3. Carolyn Sutter said,

    One of my first impressions of Viera High School was that I thought teachers were going to be a lot more strict than they are. The rules are pretty much what I had expected, but I was surprised on how some teachers have their classes work on a regular basis. Due to my sisters, I had already known that that people were a lot more mature -at least at school. I can’t seem to find people I met or know at my lunch, but I will soon and i am excited for a great 4 years at VHS.
    -Carolyn Sutter

  4. Emma Jimenez said,

    My first impression of Viera High School is that it was very different from my middle school. I have noticed that a lot of people mind there own business and are much more mature. Overall, the teachers are less strict than I thought and are very helpful. So far, Viera has treated me very well and i’m looking forward the the next 4 years at VHS!
    – Emma Jimenez

  5. Emma Pruett said,

    One of my first impressions of Viera was that it wasn’t as hard to find my classes the first couple days because everyone was willing to help you if you needed it. I was also surprised that the teachers were as nice a layed back as they are, I was expecting them to be more strict than they are. I’m excited to spend the next 4 years of my high school year at Viera!
    – Emma Pruett

  6. Anna Mattessich said,

    My first impression of Viera Highschool was big. Everything was much bigger than what I have previously been exposed to. The kids were bigger the school was bigger and the work load was bigger. It was a little intimidating at first but I think I’ve gotten the hang of things and I cannot wait for a great first year at this amazing, big school!

  7. Andrew Meier said,

    My first impressions of Viera High School was an amazing place that is full of opportunity and new experiences. I’ve already started to join clubs, make new friends, and apply myself to get out of my comfort zone mentally and outwardly. While there are some things that make my stay a little unsettling, like the seniors that look 22, I still love my experience of high school to the maximum. I especially value all of my old and new friends I get to see everyday. Those people that I consider my friends are the reason can be myself and the reason why I look forward to going to school everyday.

  8. Samantha Conlin said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was much better than I expected it to be. Before the school year began, I was worried about finding all of my classes because I thought the school was massive and confusing. After a couple of days, I realized high school was not as big and scary as I had imagined it to be. I found every classroom easily and was never wandering aimlessly around campus because I was lost. So far I have loved Viera High and I can’t wait to see what the next four years bring for me!

    -Samantha Conlin

  9. Sophia Troia said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was just at my expectations. I have made new friends and I am happy to be stuck with my old ones again. Everyone just minds their own business here and it doesn’t matter what you look like, everyone just accepts you. I can’t wait to graduate here with the help of all of my teachers. I found my classes the first day, even though I asked a few people for help. This school has a ton of potential for me, and I love high school already.

  10. Aiden Ferrer said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was less glamorous than I expected. It was still better than my middle school, but from what I was told i expected to have more free time. Don’t get me wrong the teachers are amazing and I expected there to be work, but from what my sister told me I didn’t expect to have as much homework as I did. Overall it is has been a great first week, and so far the football program has been awesome. I can’t wait for my first game next year, kicking off my first four years of winning!

  11. Caelin Roche said,

    My first impression of Viera High school was just as I expected it. I knew that this is an amazing school and my first few days confirmed that. The teachers are great and so far the workload is very manageable. I have already joined a club and I look forward for softball season to start so I can join the school team as well. This school is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see what is in store for me in the next four years at Viera High School.

  12. Christoph Bakshi said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that it was very different from middle school. I was surprised at the amount of homework that some of teachers gave so early in the school year. My bus arrives rather early, so now I have a considerable amount of time in the morning, which I didn’t expect. Overall, the teachers and students seem to be relatively friendly and polite. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me at Viera High!

    -Christoph Bakshi

  13. Grace Ellery said,

    My first impression of Viera was that it’s crowded. During class change it’s hard to believe how many people there are in this school. Also the amount of teachers and staff here is hard to count. I do like having a lot of people here because there’s many different people to meet and socialize with. I’m glad to spend the next 4 years here.

  14. Olivia Byrd said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was very intimidating. I had been to Viera High many times before, but never as an actual enrolled student. There was a lot of responsibility involved in making sure I get to my classes on time and having the proper materials for each class. After this first week though, I feel like I’ve gained more confidence in knowing where to go and what to have. I am very excited to see how the rest of the school year will go!
    – Olivia Byrd p.5

  15. Hannah Rodgers said,

    When I first got my schedule I was really nervous and thought that it would be absolutely terrible, but when I got to Viera I discovered that it was a lot better than what I had expected. The teachers are all so nice and understanding, and all of the students are very friendly. It was a nice change from my middle school. Although I did think it would be a lot different, in more ways than one, I really think that I will enjoy my high school experience here, and I’m really excited to see what else Viera has to offer!

  16. Teresa Vu said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that it is extremely overwhelming and crowded. Coming from a small private school, I was exposed to an environment completely different from what I was previously comfortable with. It felt like I was a small sapling getting my roots ripped up from the ground and being replanted in new soil surrounded by an unfamiliar crowd. I had never been in a public school before, so I had a very vague idea of what to expect. Now that I am settled in a little bit, I think I am going to have some good years here.

  17. Lily Yarbrough said,

    My first impressions of Viera High School was just as expected — challenging, intriguing, and exciting. Because I have two older siblings that have both graduated from here, I understand and have learned from their experiences. Being in Cambridge in Middle School, having different people in my core classes is very new to me, but still enjoyable. Having distinctive atmospheres in each class makes school just a little bit more interesting. Overall, I am excited for the next four years to come!

    -Lily Yarbrough

  18. Carol-Ann Coccovizzo said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that it would be scary and intimidating, but also interesting. I was at first very overwhelmed by the size of the school and its population, but through my first week I’ve grown a bit more accustomed to it. I still sometimes get lost trying to navigate but I am confident I’ll improve in this as time goes by. Being able to encounter such a large variety of people each day gives me hope that I’ll be able to meet and befriend many people. I was also surprised on how the teachers weren’t as strict as I’d imagined, I feel more comfortable around them. I’m excited to see how the next four years will play out, but I have no doubt that I will have an enjoyable time at VHS!

  19. Caleb Osburn said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was as amazing as I expected. Being able to see all of my friends every single day at the same time after two years of being spit up is so fun. I’ve already made tons of new friends, and they’re all such great people. Football has been everything I wanted it to be, and I am so stoked for this upcoming season. My teachers are incredible, and I can’t wait to see all that I learn from them this year. My sister is a senior here, and she has mentally prepared me for these next exciting four years to come.

  20. Samantha Kilpatrick said,

    My first impression of Viera was that it was going to be difficult to navigate through and get to classes in the allotted time frame. The size was probably the most intimidating part. After the third day, it became a routine and there was no problem.

  21. Madison McClure said,

    I had some interesting first impressions. For one, there are a few students I had originally thought were teacher and staff. That was a bit of a shock, but it ended well. I met so many other students with the same passions as I. I’ve also heard from many teachers that the best way to enjoy high school is to join clubs and other activities, I have that covered. . . I am a on the freshmen cheer squad, and am in theatre, Viera TV production program, and early childhood education program. Over all I would rate my first week a full 10- out of- 10.

  22. James Goffigan said,

    My first impression of Viera was that it was going to be harder then middle school.It turned out everything was easy except getting to my classes.This is because of how far apart they are from each other.My classes were very weird because all my teachers assumed their classes were 10th and 11th graders till they found out I was the only 9th grader in them.It got better though as schedule changes happened my friends began to get switched in my classes.Now I think my freshman year is going to be really cool.

  23. Hannah Hillsgrove said,

    My first impression of Viera high school was a large, distant, unwelcoming place. But as I reunited with old friends, it got less cold and after a few days, I was able to settle into the routine. Now it is a place I can be proud to go to and feel welcome. I haven’t met a single administrator or teacher unwilling to help and it really gives this school a feeling of home away from home.

  24. Mia pelletier said,

    My first impression of Viera high school was that it was not as big as i had thought it would be and i didn’t have any trouble finding my classes. Everyone was very kind but i couldn’t tell the difference between Freshmen and Seniors. I have had a very good first two weeks and i am very excited for the next 4 years of high school.

  25. Sarah Bailey said,

    One of my first impressions of Viera High School was that it seems to be a great school and has a variety of opportunities available. As for the rules and staff it seemed to be as I had figured and were strict, but not horribly strict. I’m very excited for the next four years to come and grow and develop!

    -Sarah Bailey

  26. Ajay Doergamisier said,

    In the beginning, I assumed that Viera High was just gonna be a school full of snobby rich kids with teachers that really didn’t care. However, after only being here for 9 days, I can see that I was wrong. I’ve already made so many new friends and the teachers here are respectful as well as caring. I can already tell that I will have an enjoyable four years of success here at Viera High.

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