Period 4

08/15/2015 at 11:14 PM (Dates)

What are your first impressions of Viera High School? Please respond in 2 – 5 complete sentences using standard English. Proofread your response as it will be shared in class. This assignment is due Wednesday, August 23rd, at 8:45 A.M. (for 25 points). Late work is not accepted. (Posts will not appear automatically as they must be checked first.  Please wait a few hours to see if your response was posted.)  🙂



  1. Torayn Gray said,

    My first day here gave some good impressions. For example the bathrooms are clean and the teachers are cool. So far there hasn’t been a fight yet like my old school. I am looking forward to the school year.

  2. Makenna Bernstein said,

    When I first came here last year with my sister for her registration, we had just moved here. Everything was new, and, honestly, at first I thought that the school looked like a strip mall. Later that year, I came back to audition for percussion, and it was very intimidating. Now, after a few days, it seems manageable. I came from a series of small town schools (I moved around a lot), this huge thousand-something kid school was pretty scary. One of the best things is that all my classes are in a single building, which is nice. Hopefully next year it will be the same, or at least similar.

  3. Eva Droumbalas said,

    Being a freshmen at Vera High School has been great! I love my classes and all my teachers. I`m looking forward to a successful school year!!

  4. Riley Gilman said,

    I love how big of a school it is and seeing all new faces, my teachers are cool for the most part, and so far meeting new people has gone swell. I can not wait to see what this year has to offer.

  5. Mitch Cohen said,

    During these first few days of being a freshman, I’ve met quite a vast majority of my fellow classmates and have been able to make friends with them. I also like the size of the school, its cafeteria, auditorium and much more. Unlike middle school, I actually look forward to going to most of my classes and interacting with the teachers that teach it. Things are looking up. As Riley Gilman stated above, “I can not wait to see what this year has to offer”.

  6. Brady Halsey said,

    After watching all of these movies about high schoolers, I was terrified about entering high school. Bullying and 6 foot jerks was my imagination. But when I entered Viera High School, I was shocked at how mature a lot of other students were. I can tell this is going to be an amazing year for many of us!

  7. Abigail Lewis said,

    I believe it is a fairly normal thing to be nervous when going into any kind of new environment, especially a high school. I was surprised how calm everything was on my first day at Viera high, it just seemed it go by so fast and so smoothly. I am excited to see how I grow as a person these next four years, maybe I will even get a little taller!

  8. Ada Yumiceva said,

    These first few days of high school have been a bit nerve-wracking, but very exciting as well. I managed to meet friendly, new people, and join the swim team. Things are looking good this year!

  9. Serena Zarzana said,

    I really like Viera so far. All my teachers are super nice and I enjoy meeting new people everyday. I can’t wait for soccer season to start! I’m excited for whatever this school year brings.

  10. Emily Najduch said,

    Well considering I’m not a fan of change, I was pretty upset about switching from Kennedy to Viera High School. Everything was great the first day but it was a tiring one. Despite the tiring days, I think I’ll learn to love being a Viera Hawk. Can’t wait to see what the next 4 years brings!

  11. Kaitlyn Loughran said,

    Ever since eighth grade ended, I had been dying from the wait for high school. I was very excited at the prospect of being at school with a huge variety of kids. I expected there to be tall jocks and mean girls in the hallways like there are in books and movies, but there weren’t any and I’m very glad. So far I am absolutely loving Viera, especially the band program which is amazing. I cannot wait to see what else we will be doing in all my classes this year and the three that follow!

  12. Jenna McKinley said,

    From the 7 days I’ve been attending this school, all has been going surprisingly well. It’s very different from DeLaura, which is fantastic because that school was disgusting and I learned absolutely nothing there. The teachers and students here are all pretty nice so far. I don’t have any complaints about this school right now, either. Overall I’m just thankful that this school is clean and the staff and students are decent.

  13. Benjamin Robbins said,

    Both of my brothers went here for their high school years. I was extremely worried about everything they told me about; bullies, detentions, the whole nine yards. When I got here, though, I realized they were just being brothers and trying to scare me about the next four years. I love all of my teachers, everyone has been really kind, I see my friends every day, and the food is surprisingly good. I can’t wait until I have even more good things to say about this school, and eventually graduate in 2021.

  14. Brandon Isenman said,

    After attending uniform wearing schools for 6 years, being able to wear whatever I want, already makes this past week of highschool great. Anyway, the first week of high school has been good, and really easy. Looking forward to the rest of the year.

  15. Anjali said,

    The first impression I had of high school was the massive size, because I have always gone to a smaller school with at least half the amount of students that attend Viera High. It was intimidating at first, but it also opens up the possibility of meeting new people which I am looking forward too. I adore the teachers here and I am looking forward to seeing what the next four years of school has to offer.

  16. Alex Sprunger said,

    Overall, my opinion on Viera has been rather neutral. While I haven’t had any problems with my classes or anything, It hasn’t really been amazing either. While the outdoor campus can be interesting, it doesn’t really change much, and isn’t particularly interesting. Really, my attitude and interest to school hasn’t really been changed since I graduated middle school.

  17. Leila Senechek said,

    Like most first days of school for me, I’m pretty relaxed in new learning enviroments. However, at Kennedy everything was pretty hecktic when the bell rang. At Viera, it was a nice suprise to see everyone calmly going to class! I really like the fact that we have the power to manage ourselves and our time, just like the real world. Over the summer I had to step up into the big shoes and begin doing more things that adults manage, and I’ glad to be in a school that I can consistantly get practice in preparation for the real deal.

  18. Jack Harris said,

    Viera high school is a very large schools this is one of my many impressions of Viera high school. Because it is so large, it is easy to get lost. The second impression is that there’s a major difference between 400 kids in my old school to 2,000 kids in the halls. All the kids in the halls make it hard to get to class. And to add on to this there’s way more band kids than my old school, so I have more people to hang around with.

  19. Cameron Notary said,

    Being the oldest of my siblings, I am the first to go through high school. In middle school, at the end of the year they had emphasized that high school is where everything changes. Classes are tougher, there’s more homework, that this is the time where your decisions really matter. But now that I’m here, Viera’s impression seems simpler than that. Maybe the consequences haven’t weighed on me yet, but it feels just like middle school.

  20. ecrail03 said,

    My first impression of Viera was amazing. I came from a small town in Indiana, and when I first came I was really confused. The school was all outside (except classrooms) and it felt weird at first. I’m used to cold, murky weather and sometimes the sun would peek out, so being outside was like a whole new world.When I entered the classrooms, I noticed that I liked most of my teachers as they are willing to do anything for a student to help them move forward in their academic career. I have since made multiple friends, and I am very happy to go to this school.

  21. Jack Mackinnon said,

    It’s definitely different from my old school where my schedule was based on my homeroom teacher, and I had the same friends in my classes throughout the entire day. At Viera, I like picking my classes and it is difficult to memorize my schedule. But I will figure it out and have a good school year.

  22. Danielle Necessary said,

    When we were driving to school on the first day, I had butterflies because Viera is so much different from other schools I’ve gone to. The states where I’ve lived previously, had schools that had maybe 200 students or less, but now I’m at high school with 2,000 other people, it’s just mind blowing how big everything is compared to the small schools I’m used to attending. So far I’ve already made some huge friends out of all of the people who go to school at Viera, all the teachers and staff are incredible and very nice, I can’t wait to see all the new friends and experiences high school will bring me and everyone else!:)

  23. Brenda Lee said,

    My first impression of Viera High School was that it was large and filled with many students. I feel that I have more freedom in high school than I had in middle school. I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to wear anymore uniforms. Viera High School has been great so far. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year brings.

  24. Kalie Walker said,

    The first day I told myself it wouldn’t be anything too scary. My sister, who’s a junior, goes there and she says it’s not anything to be worried about. But as we pulled up my stomach dropped. I realized how huge the school was and that I’m just a little freshman. At registration it wasn’t nerve-wracking at all- I was just excited to be with all of my friends who went to different middle schools. Right when I walked to the front I saw a couple of my good friends and we walked in together, so we were nervous together so it wasn’t as bad. Now I’m so happy I got that day over with because I realize how easy it is to be in high school and fun it is to be with all my good friends.

  25. Peter Deutelmoser said,

    I love how big the school is and how we’re given more freedom. I’ve been seeing a lot of old friends and it’s nice catching up with old friends. Most of my teachers seem to enjoy teaching which makes class more fun for me.

  26. Rebecca Baldwin said,

    My first impression of Viera was that the school is absolutely huge. During band camp over the summer we went to different rooms for sectionals and it seems like there are endless hallways and rooms. On the first day of school was when I realized just how many students there are, and I have never seen so many teenagers in one place all at once. I really enjoy making new friends with the thousands of teens.

  27. Devin Fox said,

    As three of my older sisters have gone through Viera High School, I have heard many stories of what to expect and have had many visits to this school before I was even attending it. Although I have visited Viera High so many times before, my first day impressions were still quite normal. Over the years, I have grown accustomed to the size of the school and already know where most places are. The amount of people who attend here does not phase me anymore, but I don’t know if I’ll ever grow used to sometimes having to push my way through large groups of people to get to class. Overall, I have enjoyed my time here at Viera High School and am excited for what the rest of my high school experience has in store for me.

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